Bearded Gypsy Band

Inspired by the likes of Andrew Bird, Django Reinhardt and folk music from around the planet, The Bearded Gypsy Band play an eclectic mix of tearaway original tunes with Celtic, Jazz, Blues, Roots and gypsy influences. They exhibit masterful performance and original composition skills as they play with a musical authority and clarity seemingly beyond their years.


Recording our NEW EP

Recording with the Bearded Gypsy Band & Conchillia up at Mixmasters in the Adelaide Hills. Website: Band Websites: Engineer/Producer:

449... The number of days in-between the Bearded Gypsy Band recordings. The release of the bands first album - 'Live at the Wheatsheaf' - saw the band touring Australia, playing a different city or town each weekend. This combined with university didn't leave the band much time to sit down and focus on a new record. At last they have jumped in the studio to record an E.P. I won't say too much about the content, apart from it's not what you might expect from the band. Keep an eye out for the release date (info at -

Tommy slamming down some tasty vocals! 

Tommy slamming down some tasty vocals! 


  • Mixmasters Studio (South Australia)



  • Tom 'the wizard' Barns 



  • Tom Kneebone: Guitar, Vocals & Slide.

  • Tom Boehm: Violin, Mandolin & Vocals.

  • Kyrie Anderson: Drums & Vocals.

  • Kiah Gossner: Bass & Vocals. 



Mixmaster Gear (used): 

  • Console:   SSL 4048E/G 

  • Gibson Country & Western

  • 1967 Fender Tele. 

Microphones (used):

  • Neumann  U-47 (vocal)

  • Neumann  U-48s x2 (drum over heads)

  • Neumann  U-47 Fet x2 (Kick/Vocal)

  • Neumann KM-84 (Acoustic Guitar) 

  • AEA N22 NUVO (Violin & Mandolin)

  • AEA R92 (Guitar Amp)

  • AEA R84 (Vocal) 

  • RCA 77 DX (Snare/mix)

  • Josephson e22S (Toms)

  • Heil PR-30 (Bass Amp) 

  • Royer SF - 24V (Room)

  • Audix D6 (Kick)

Outboard Gear (Definitely Used):

  • Lexicon 480L Reverb

  • Avalon U5 (Bass DI)

This man is a wizard #TomBarnes 

This man is a wizard #TomBarnes